Bamboo Technology Co., Ltd. (the service provider of the Here Hear App, hereinafter referred to as the "Company"), formulates this Privacy and Personal Data Protection Notice and Consent (hereinafter referred to as the "Notice and Consent") in order to protect the privacy of users using the Here Hear App, to comply with the provisions of Taiwan's "Personal Data Protection Act", and to help you understand how Here Hear App collects, uses, and protects the personal data you provide. When you start using the Here Hear App, it means that you have clearly understood of the Company's privacy protection mechanism and have been informed by the Company of the purposes for collecting, using, processing, and transmitting the personal data, the categories of the personal data, the period, region, object, and method of using of personal data, as well as refusing to provide the personal date will influence the rights of the user, and consent to the aforementioned information.

Scope of application of this Notice and Consent

  • This Notice and Consent apply to the collection, use, processing, transmission, and privacy protection of personal data when you use the services provided by Here Hear App; however, it does not apply to other websites linked to Here Hear App. All other websites linked through the Here Hear App website have their own privacy and personal data protection policies, and the Company does not assume any joint liability. When you link to these websites, the protection of personal data should comply with the privacy and personal data protection policies of each respective website.

Security of personal data

  • Protecting users' personal privacy is the core business philosophy of the Company and Here Hear App. Without your consent, we will never provide your personal data to any third party unrelated to the services of this website, except in the following circumstances:

  1. Required by law;
  2. At the request of government agencies and judicial authority;
  3. The Company exercises its legal rights or defends itself against litigation claims;
  4. The Company is investigating or preventing illegal activities, fraud, situations posing potential threats to personal safety, violations of the Terms of Use of Here Hear App, or to take measures in response to the above situations.

Collection, processing, utilization and transmission of personal data

  • The Company will only process and use your personal data within the specific purposes and relevant legal requirements (specific categories are as follows). Except as otherwise provided in this Notice and Consent or as otherwise provided by other specific legal provisions, the Company will not disclose your personal data to third parties or use it for other purposes without your consent.

  • The Company will de-identify your personal data and process and retain it in a way that cannot be traced or linked back to you. The de-identification data will be used for other derived analyses, statistical reports, academic research, or other research and analyses.

  • You are free to choose to provide personal data, but if the information you provide is insufficient or incorrect, the Company and Here Hear App may not be able to provide complete services.

Categories of personal data collected

  • The categories of personal data collected by the Company in the Here Hear App (according to the "Specific Purposes and Categories of Personal Data of the Personal Data Protection Act", announced by the Ministry of Justice, with codenames and items subject to change by subsequent announcements from the Ministry of Justice) include:
  1. C001 Individual identification. For example: name, professional title, residential address, work address, previous address, home phone number, mobile phone number, instant messaging account, account for online platform, correspondence and household registration addresses, photo, fingerprint, email address, electronic signature, certificate card serial number, certificate serial number, records providing online identity verification or application inquiry services, and any other personal identifiable information, etc.
  2. C002 Identify financial information. Financial institution account numbers and names, credit card or debit card numbers, insurance policy numbers, other personal numbers or accounts, etc.
  3. C011 Personal description. For example: age, gender, date of birth, place of birth, nationality, voice, etc.
  4. C021 Family situation. For example: whether you are married or not, the name of your spouse or cohabitant, the name of your ex-spouse or cohabitant, the date of marriage, the number of children, etc.
  5. C035 Leisure activities and interests. For example: hobbies, sports and other interests, etc.
  6. C036 Life style. For example: types of consumer goods and details of services used, consumption patterns of individuals or families, etc.
  7. C111 Health Record. For example: medical reports, treatment and diagnosis records, test results, type, level, validity period, disability manual number and contact person, etc.
  8. C120 Religious beliefs.

Specific purposes for collection of personal data

  • The specific purposes of the personal data collected by the Company in the Here Hear App (according to the "Specific Purposes and Categories of Personal Data of the Personal Data Protection Act", announced by the Ministry of Justice, with codenames and items subject to change by subsequent announcements from the Ministry of Justice) include:

  1. 040 "Marketing (including financial holding joint marketing business)".
  2. 069 "Contract, similar contract or other legal relationship matters".
  3. 090 "Consumer, customer management and service".
  4. 135 "Information (communication) services".
  5. 136 "Information (communication) and database management".
  6. 137 "Information Security and Management".
  7. 152 "Advertising or commercial conduct management".
  8. 157 "Survey, Statistics and Research Analysis".
  9. 176 "Collection, processing and use of personal data by other natural persons for legitimate purposes."

Use of personal data

  • Period, region, recipient, and method of use of personal data

  • Period: The Company and Here Hear App will continue to use the personal data you provide until you request to stop using it or the Here Hear App terminates the service.
  • Region: within and outside the Republic of China (unless prohibited by the regulatory authority).
  • Recipient: Here Hear App, related companies and partners entrusted by Here Hear App or within the scope necessary to provide this service. (When users upload audio files, recipient will also include users who use the Here Hear App; however, the use of other users is limited to personal listening and downloading for collections, and does not include any other specific purposes stated in this Notice and Consent.)
  • Method: Usage consistent with the specific purpose of collection and within the scope of legal regulations.

Data subject rights

  • The parties to whom the Company collects personal data may exercise the following rights against the Company in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act:

Inquiry or request for viewing.

Request a copy.

Request for supplement or corrections.

Request to stop collecting, processing or using.

Request deletion.

  • If you want to request to stop processing, using, or deleting your personal data, you can contact the Here Hear App customer service team and go through certain procedures to verify your identity. If you choose to stop processing, using, or deleting some or all of your personal data, Here Hear App may not be able to provide complete services if the information provided is insufficient or incorrect.

Protection of personal data

  • Here Hear App will store your personal data completely in our data storage system and use strict protection measures to prevent access by unauthorized personnel. If any Here Hear App personnel violate confidentiality obligations, they will be punished by relevant laws and internal company regulations.
  • In order to protect the integrity and security of your personal data, the data processing systems that store your personal data are equipped with various information security equipment and necessary security protection measures to protect your personal data from improper access or destruction.
  • If it is necessary to entrust a third party to provide services due to business needs, Here Hear App will also strictly require it to comply with confidentiality obligations and take necessary inspection procedures to ensure that it will comply accordingly.

Amendments to notification and consent

  • Based on changes in the market environment, the Company and Here Hear App will revise the Notice and Consent from time to time. If you have any questions about the privacy protection of Here Hear App or any matters related to personal data, you can contact the customer service team by email