You are currently logged into the Here Hear App services using the “Corporate Plan.” Based on your use of the “Corporate Plan,” Bamboo Technology Co., Ltd., the service provider of the Here Hear App (“Company”), hereby declares and informs you of the following matters. By clicking “I Agree ,” you acknowledge that you have read, understood, and accepted all the contents of this Notice and Declaration on Privacy Policy for Users of Corporate Plan (“Notice and Declaration”).

  1. To respect and protect your personal information, except for the following circumstances, the Company will never share your sensitive information and the information you provided (including, but not limited to, audio files, personal analysis, analysis briefs, etc.) with any third party:
    1. With your prior written consent;
    2. As required by laws or at the request of government agencies and judicial authority; or
    3. When your actions may pose a serious danger to the safety of life or property of yourself or a third party.

For the circumstances above, the Company may provide the sensitive information generated or provided by you during the use of the Here Hear App to the sponsor of your “Corporate Plan,” such as the company or organization you are currently serving under (“Sponsor”).

  1. The Company may provide the following your non-sensitive information to the Sponsor of your “Corporate Plan”:
    1. Your non-sensitive information, including, but not limited to, screen time and frequency of use; and
    2. Information or data that are de-identified from your personal information, and processed in a way that cannot be traced or linked back to you, including, but not limited to, statistical reports, derived analysis of statistical reports, or other research and analysis.
  2. For the full Privacy Policy of the Company, please visit the official website of the Company:

  1.  If you do not agree with all or part of this Notice, or if your country or region excludes or prohibits all or part of this Notice, you should immediately stop using the Here Hear App service.